I see a little more of me in you with each passing year.

For a dear daughter (daughter in law)
Here’s a wish for happiness
And many dreams come true
Not only on your special day
But always, all life through
Happy Birthday

I’m so glad that God gave me a daughter like you.

It’s so good to know someone special, who shares,
My secrets, my laughter, my dreams and my cares,
Someone through good times and bad, when there’s tears,
It’s so good to know you (Jenny), my daughter and friend…
… through the years,
Happy Birthday
I’m so grateful that I have you as a daughter.

No matter how many birthdays come and go, you’ll always be my little girl.

Family life is many things
And one of the nicest joys it brings
Is having a daughter (daughter in law)as dear as you
Who’s thought of in a special way
Not only on a special day
But warmly and with love
The whole year through!
Happy Birthday

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